About Us

AREMC prides itself as one of the leaders trying to reduce energy wastage by all means and strive hard to implement cutting edge solutions to bring down our recurring expenditure on fuel/energy requirements.


We are Young Minds working towards customized and cost effective methods of power production to meet the high and demanding power shortages. Trying hard to bring in a Greener and healthier concepts of power production for the highly growing industrial needs. Having been in the industry for more than 4 years and moving on we are now marching towards the future of harnessing renewable energy.


Having said that we also believe in the fact that its equally important to Save energy compared to Energy production. We present you with 

  • Custom made inhouse LED lights that brings down 50% of energy costs
  • Industry prooven Fuel savers and Safety devices that gives almost 10%* savings on fuel
  • HVAC Energy savers for all types of Air conditioners that gives upto 30%* savings on power
  • Highly efficient modern DC Fan that provides excellent comfort with 50%* savings on power
  • All these solutions will guarentee you a big amount of savings month after month.

Adding to these we also stive hard to create a better place for our living through Go-Green works. Our Go Green vertical helps people to create ones own Organic Farm\, Organic Terrace\Kitchen Garden. We also provide 100% organic Seeds, Vermicomposts, HDPE Growbags, Cocopeat bricks etc.

Our Verticals


Save energy by using our Intellectual Devices that cut down recurring costs in all models of Air Conditioners and Ceiling Fans


Smart Devices for Gas Savings & Safety for both Industrial and Domestic needs


Custom designed power plants to suit ones individual needs


All models of Light fixtures to meet the Industrial and Domestic needs with the best in quality materials and workmanship

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As the name speaks we do Go Green works like Organic Terrace Garden, Organic farming and provide all guidance and material.

Choose the option that suits you in Energy Savings and make this world a better place for living.

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