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Protect your loved ones' life with Gas Safety Device (GSD)

Gas Safety Device (GSD)

In today’s hectic life schedule we hardly find time to check our Gas Status and the safety of the Gas devices at our home. To tackle this we introduce Gas Safety Device (GSD) in Households safety. Adding on to safety Gas Safety Device gives us an extra savings in consumption pattern with a visual indicator that will let us know when our GAS cylinder goes off completely.

Technical Attributes

1. Gas Safety Device is designed in a way that wards off danger caused by interruption to gas supply Characterizing lost-motion and effective connectivity between a diaphragm and a valve.

2. In the situation of leak it altogether shuts off the gas supply and helps preventing any hazard (medium or heavy leak).

3. Gas Safety Device shows the low level indication in the case of If LPG in the cylinder is about to get finish.

4. Automatic closure to cut off the gas supply in case of interruption.

5. Gas Safety Device is provided with different efficient control elements.

6. Low gas indicator, Easy installation & control over gas pressure.

7. Allowing the saving of 20 percent of gas.

8. Brilliant performance, minimal maintenance, innovative designs & durability.

9. Ensuring the reliability in the service of our ingeniously fabricated device.

Value Added Services

1) Product holds 3 years replacement warranty.

2) Each product is covered with Product Liability Insurance worth 2 Crore (T&C apply)

3) Supplying range through a widespread dealer network consisting of about 80 retrofitting centres in India.

4) Our product is suitable for use in all domestic LPG cylinders.

5) Products sold by our authorized dealer networks alone carry warranty.


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