Seelin is a unique one time solution which once filled into a Tyre through the valve, changes any ordinary pneumatic Tyre into Puncture Proof Tyre cable of Self Sealing. Seelin is the blend of Chemicals namely Ethylene Glycol for Tube Tyres and Propylene Glycol for Tubeless Tyres, which also includes 5 Man Made Fibers, Latex and Betone for its thixotropic Properties.

Seelin Benefits

  • It seals punctures in tube up to 3/8” diameter
  • It readily seals the multiple punctures as soon as tyre gets puncture while traveling
  • It is made of 5 man-made fibers for added thixotropic properties
  • By maintaining the tyre pressure it reduces the wear and tear of tyres and increases the tyre life up to 25%
  • Senses air loss and rushes to plug hole in Tube / Tyre
  • No Separation -  Stay in Suspension
  • It saves up to 5% of fuel consumption by increasing the mileage
  • Saves money and Valuable Time for the customer
  • Hassle free travelling and peace of mind during your travelling
  • Non Flammable components
  • No risk in re-treading
  • 3 rare earth materials in different sizes for permanent patching
  • Prevents and eliminates rust and corrosion in rims

Limitations of Seelin

  • When the quantity of the sealant filled less to the dosage chart.

  • Joint portion of the tube.

  • Side wall of the Tyre or tube.

  • Mouth portion of the Tyre or tube.

  • Puncture size is too big.

  • Success rate depends up on the air pressure maintenance in Tyre and conditions of the Tyre and tube.

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