Why buy an Ordinary Ceiling Fan, when you can buy an SuperFan


Ceiling fans are a very common household appliance in a tropical country like ours. They are used for many hours everyday and year around. By consuming only half the electricity our Superfan saves thousands of rupees in its life time.

Comparison of Superfan with good brands of ordinary ceiling fan


Table illustrating Super Savings possible with Superfan for commercal & residential users


Enjoy More Comfort

  • Remote control for on/off and 5 speeds
  • Excellent air delivery
  • Performs well even in low voltage (140Vac)
  • Work or sleep peacefully as speed does not change with supply variations
  • Runs twice longer, no speed drop, no extra noise with inverter/UPS
  • Precise speeds
  • Vibrant Colors, Leaf design inspired by nature

Build for Durablity

  • Two ball bearings of reputed make
  • Power coated aluminum body & leaves - no rust
  • Motor runs cool, no heating of air
  • High precision manufacturing
  • Overvoltage and Overload protection for motor
  • Comes with 5 year limited warranty

For a Greener Tomorrow

  • No harmonics, power factor better than 0.9
  • RoHS electronics
  • VOC free paint
  • Recyclable packing, no use of polythene or thermocole
  • Solar friendly

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